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TBS at IBC Amsterdam 2015

IBC was its usual, large, busy self, with an extensive variety of exhibitors and a huge number of visitors from all over the world.  As someone who has attended the majority of IBCs over the last 25 years, it is impressive how much the badge collection facilities have improved!  Although there was a very long queue when I arrived on Friday morning, it moved very quickly and I soon found myself waiting for the exhibition to open.


We managed to arrange quickly our booth and as you may see in the pictures it was looking quite nice . The artisans of this year IBC were Bob & Steven


As always, there’s a ton of different news items coming out of this show, but we’re going to focus on the topics and happenings that stood out to us the most. Some of those things may or not be actual news items of the day, but if you want to learn more about specific announcements from IBC 2015 regarding TBS products, check out regularly our blog.

Products such as TBS 6909 with 8 tuners or the latest TBS5520 all standards tuner were appreciated by visitors



Without any doubts our flagship and most representative product was the Moi Pro AMD



Overall was an excellent IBC for our customers and also for us , we are happy for being able to provide to our customers plenty of products and we are waiting them next year as well with new an interesting products.