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How to use TBS6900 DVB dual CI PCI-e Card?

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As we know, TBS6900 is a DVB network PCI-E card with two common interface slots, where you can insert 2 CAM inside to decrypt the pay channels. How does it work??

Here I’d like to share 2 live videos of TBS6900 DVB dual CI PCI-e card for you.
1. “TBS6900 stand alone CI/CI+ a pcie card to use as a network resource“:
2. “TBS6900 Dual CI/CI+ pcie stand alone card with Astra Cesbo Software” :

How to use TBS6900 with other TBS products ?
TBS6900 compatible with all TBS tuner cards and server products , supports to install in MOI pro AMD or MOI-V , this is especially good in systems with a limited number of free slots and have lots of channels need to decrypted. For example, you can use 2 TBS6909 (means you can receive from 16 transponders) for receiving the signals in MOI Pro AMD, and then use 2 TBS6900 for decryption.

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