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    TBS8510-6004 IP to DVB-C modulator converting up to 30 H.264 channels in 8 frequencies

    The TBS8510-6004 IP to DVB-C modulator is a broadcast QAM modulator designed for full compliance with QAM (DVB-C) modulation standards. It supports IP inputs through GE ports and DVB-C output through RF port. It allows to generate up to 30 H.264 channels into DVB-C signal.

    There is a MOST EXCITING function of The TBS8510-6004 IP to DVB-C modulator:

    Compress the bit rate of the IP channels and transfer the format from H.265 to H.264 before generating to DVB-C signal.

    Why we need to do this job?

    If we want to broadcast the channels in old DVB-C system in remote area, the original H.265 IP channels are too big and occupy too much bandwidth of the old DVB-C system, which means we can broadcast very few channels. Also, some old TV set is only support H.264 channels. In the case, if we transcode the channels to standard DVB-C MPEG-2 signal in advanced, we will be able to broadcast as many channels as our plan in your DVB-C system, and we can make the channels being more compatible to users' old TV sets.

    Key Features

    • Supports symbol-rate up to 45 Msymb/s
    • Output frequency range of 70 - 865 mhz
    • Supports constellations up to QAM256
    • Has high modulation error rate (MER)
    • Has output level of 80-107 dbµV
    • Can be produced from 1 to 32 independent modulation channels
    • Optionally has 10 mhz reference and DC injection

    Main Functions

    • Transcoder H.264 channels in to MPEG-2 channels.
    • Convert IP channels to DVB-C channels and output through RF port.