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    TBS2600V1 HD-SDI Video Encoder

    TBS2600V1 is a professional H.265/H.264 HD-SDI video encoder, which equipped with SDI input and dual stream RJ45 output, what's more, it has SDI output which can output original data directly. It supports MPEG-4 AVC/H.265/H.264 High Profile code format input and dual stream H.264 format, audio ACC format output, it also compatible with HTTP, UDP, RTSP, RTMP, ONVIF protocols.

    The product can be applied to education, health care, IPTV, conference, remote education, news interview, banking, transportation and other industries.


    • Support direct network connection without HD capture card
    • Main stream and secondary stream can use different network protocols for transmission
    • Low Power consumption, less than 6W
    • Compliant with HTTP/RTSP/RTP/RTMP/UDP protocols
    • Supports MPEG-4 AVC/H.265/H.264 High Profile code


    • IPTV
    • Digital Signage
    • Video Conference
    • Replace HD Video Capture Card
    • Hotel TV system
    • Live Broadcast;
    • Teaching/Campus Broadcast
    • Recording System
    • NVR (Net Video Recorder)
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