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    TBS6290SE DVB-T2/T/C Dual Tuner Dual CI PCIe Card

    TBS6290SE is the latest DVB-T2/T/C PCI Express tuner, it’s equipped with dual tuner and dual CI slot, which allows you to enjoy two live terrestrial TV channels from two different frequencies at the same time, and it supports both reception of FTA (free to air) TV channels and encrypted TV channels. TBS6290SE DVB-T2/T/C Dual Tuner Card can be used as a digital video recorder for recording digital terrestrial TV programs with full HDTV support. With the time-shifting function, it also enables you to pause a live broadcast and continue from where you left. This DVB T2 PC TV card is ready with windows BDA.

    Main Features:

    • Dual CI slot
    • Dual channel receiving simultaneously
    • DVB-T2/T/C SD or HD TV receiving
    • High-definition video, real-time and scheduled video recording
    • High sensitivity DVB-T2 Dual Tuner for the best digital TV reception
    • Windows BDA driver and Linux Driver ready
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