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    TBS6814 ISDB-T Quad Tuner PCIe Card

    TBS6814 is an internal ISDB-T quad tuner PCIe(PCI-Express) card for receiving SBTVD TV and digital terrestrial TV channels on desktop PC. With four advanced ISDB-T tuners, TBS6814 allows you to receive four channels simultaneously, you can watch one channel while recording three other channels.


    • Low profile design, ideal for small server
    • Fully ISDB-T (full seg & 1seg) compliant, perfect for Brazil SBTVD and Japan ISDB-T
    • Quad ISDB-T tuner for 4 SD/ HD channels reception simultaneously
    • High-definition video, time-shift live TV and scheduled recording support
    • MPEG2 TSIF of TS data and support multi-TS output mode
    • Windows and Linux driver support
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