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    TBS8012 DVB-ASI to IP Gateway

    TBS8012 DVB-ASI to IP Gateway supports to grab MPTS or SPTS streams from 16 ASI inputs, and allows to select and multiplex desired input programs from each DVB-ASI stream, outputs MPTS or SPTS via IP multicast through two Gigabit Ethernet ports.

    TBS8012 DVB-ASI to IP Gateway is designed to be standards-compliant for interoperability with a wide variety of DVB-ASI and Gigabit Ethernet devices. It is an ideal solution for integrating and bridging DVB-ASI interfaces to IP networks via Gigabit Ethernet.

    TBS DVB-ASI to IP Gateway allows to strip NULL stream packets and select desired programs only when converting DVB-ASI sources to IP streams which will maximize IP efficiency.


    • Standards-compliant to DVB-ASI, MPEG2-TS, IP multicast
    • Supports MPTS or SPTS input/output
    • 16 DVB-ASI inputs
    • 2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports for streams output or management
    • NULL packet stripping on input
    • Desired channels selected for output.
    • VBR to CBR conversion
    • 140Mbps DVB-ASI data rate on each port
    • Web-based GUI for configuration and monitor
    • Client-based SNMP for remotely managing
    • 1U Rack space, minimizes rack space requirements


    • IPTV Servers
    • ASI to IP conversion 
    • Datacasting and monitoring
    • Electronic Program Guides (EPG's)
    • Broadcast TV

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