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    TBS8500C 8 Input H.265/H.264 HDMI Encoder to DVB-C QAM Modulator

    TBS8500C is a professional HDMI encoder to DVB-C QAM modulator. It is also a highly integration device which includes encoding, multiplexing, and modulating. It supports 8 HDMI H.265/H.264 inputs and 1 DVB-C RF out in the frequency range of 30~960MHz. The HDMI video input signal can be easily converted into a digital cable channel and distribute them to an unlimited number of HDTVs through existing coaxial cabling.

    The chassis is made of metal and can be rack-mounted with an optional 1U rack-mounting kit. It is ideal for use in sports bars, corporate offices, commercial spaces, or other venues with existing coaxial cabling.

    Main Features:

    • Support 8 HDMI channels input & 1 DVB-C QAM output;
    • Support H.264/H.265 High Profile video encoding
    • Support VBR/CBR video encoding
    • Support Add/Remove water-mark dynamically
    • Supports maximum 4-way Adaptive Bitrate Streaming in HLS output
    • Supports IP whitelist-based security mechanism for HLS output
    • Real-time encoding status monitoring
    • Output Interface: RF、 RJ45 100/1000Mbps
    • Compatible with HLS/HTTP/RTMP/RTP/UDP/TCP Protocols
    • support 720P, 1080I, 1080P HD video format
    • 1*DVB-C/RF output
    • Real-time output bit-rate monitoring
    • Update device through web based NMS port
    • Reasonable Web interface based management system


    • IPTV
    • Video Conference & Live Broadcast
    • Teaching/Campus Broadcast
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