Customer Reviews for TBS6981 Dual DVB-S2 PCIe TV Tuner Card

TBS6981 DVB-S2 TV Tuner Card is a star product of our TBS Technologies, it supports to watching channel from one transponder/satellite while recording another channel from another transponder/satellite. It compatible with Linux MythTV, VDR, XBMC and Windows 7 Media Center, it can watch Freesat TV, it sells well with high-quality, affordable price and excellent service……

OK. Let’s take a look of customer reviews of TBS6981, it would be good for you to recognize this card.

——good card

By veehexx

Excellent product that just works! good price too. I received the TBS6981 card like others (it seems the 6980 has been replaced by the 6981 model).

one thing worth noting, the additional power that this card requires is 3x 4pin molex connectors, so ensure you have 3 spare or buy a splitter cable aswell.

I’m using it successfully with windows 7 Media Center and also MythTV.

—––Views and records Channel 4 HD perfectly

By Graham Steadman “Quequeg”

Having managed until now with a single-tuner DVB-S card, the launch of Channel 4 HD using DVB-S2 prompted me to look again at DVB-S2 tuners. I nearly purchased my usual brand, but the price for a single tuner DVB-S2 card was more than this dual-tuner model. So happy I went for the TBS – for the first time I can record one HD channel whilst watching another. Very easy to install, after fitting the card I only installed the latest drivers from the TBS website (2.0.18) and then scanned all transponders in Media Center (Windows 7 64-bit). All channels expected found, including C4 HD. I already had a remote control working for media center. Note that the card does have a socket for power (and comes with an adaptor for standard molex plug) but this is not usaully required and mine worked fine without it. Recommended.

——This TBS 6981 works well in my Windows 7 Media Centre (32-bit) HTPC


This works very well in my Windows 7 Media Centre (32-bit) machine. It required drivers to be downloaded from the tbs site and the new dvb-s2 transponder frequencies to be scanned in order to make BBC HD, BBC ONE HD, ITVHD and CH4HD available.

This is the 6981 model update to this card which I think I read has some small relibaility improvements over the 6980 if you are comparing offers.

I also needed to upgrade my ATI video drivers around the same time to avoid playback stufttering, but that wasn’t caused by the TBS card.

The media centre is reliable coming out of standby to record all my dozens of season passes automatically. The recordings are superb bit-perfect recordings, just like my SKY+HD box in another system.

——Superb card – great value

By Chris Branson

The TBS6981 is a great dual tuner S2 satellite card for your media center. I purchased one when BBC HD and BBC One HD changed to S2 recently having previously used a BlackGold Freeview/Freesat quad tuner card which wasn’t S2 compatible. The TBS6981 slotted straight in, driver installation gave no dramas and Windows Media Center 7 picked up the card no problem. 10 weeks in use now and I haven’t had any problems with it – 100%.

——TBS 6981 – works with Linux or Windows

By chris bragg

Very pleased with my TBS 6981 – works on mythbuntu – and windows 7 home premium edition –

drivers for mythbuntu work well and everything tunes in nicely including HD channels.

Ended up using Windows 7 Home Premium as had several issues with Myth mostly for convenience and remote control limitations (MCE controller not the boxed controller which worked ok).

Got the windows drivers and fired up Windows Media Center – tuned in the satellite signals multiple frequencies – have all freesat channels including HD.Great overall support from TBS.

I think you will have a more objective and comprehensive understanding of TBS 6981 Dual Tuner Card when you have reading all of these reviews, and do you want to buy this satellite TV card?

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