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TBS@Broadcast Asia 2019 Exhibition (Capture the Future)

Dear all,

Good day. Let’s review Broadcast Asia 2019 exhibition in Sunctec Singapre, which is Asia’s must-attend industry event for the pro-audio, film, digital media and broadcasting industries. http://www.broadcast-asia.com

We’re happy to meet many of our old customers and make new ones at BCA2019 show. A big thank you to all who visited our TBS stand, which make this show a success. See you next year!

Here are highlights captured at BCA 2019 exhibition:
-ISP& Hospitality IPTV Solutions
-Complete Hotel IPTV system solution…

-TBS Professional IPTV Streaming & Transcoding Solution: TBS8510 / TBS8510 Pro / TBS8520 Multiple Inputs HD H.264/H.265 IPTV Transcoder

-TBS Professional HD H.264/H.265 HDMI Video Encoder

-TBS TV Tuner PCI-e Card of different DVB standards
-New Arrival TBS2605 2 Channels 4K / 5 Channels 1080P 60hz HDMI Video Encoder

-TBS DVB-T/C Modulator Server
-X86 Streaming Server: MOI Pro AMD Professional IPTV Streaming Server& TBS2956 All-in-one DVB IP Gateway Industrial Fanless Media Server

For more details, welcome to visit our website http://www.tbsiptv.com & www.tbsdtv.com

Any further question or feedback, please e-mail to us directly on sales@tbsiptv.com. Thank you.

Best Regards,
TBS Team
E-mail: sales@tbsiptv.com
Tel+ : +86-755-26501345


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Meet TBS at NAB SHOW, Las Vegas Convention Center, SU13113, Apri 8-11 2019

Dear All,

Are you heading to the upcoming NAB SHOW 2019? From creation to consumption, across multiple platforms and countless nationalities, NAB Show is home to the solutions that transcend traditional broadcasting and embrace content delivery to new screens in new ways. For complete details, visit http://www.nabshow.com.

We TBS are ready for NAB SHOW 2019 and looking forward to meeting you! Welcome to visit TBS booth SU13113 in Las Vegas Convention Center from April 8 to 11, 2019. What you can get from TBS? https://www.tbsiptv.com/#DVB Broadcast #Professional X86 IPTV Streaming Server  #Multiple Inputs HD H.264/H.265 IPTV Transcoder  #4K UHD H.264/H.265 HDMI Encoder  #ATSC/Clear QAM Tuner PCI-e Card  #DVB-T/C Modulator #Kylone CMS #ISP #Hospitality IPTV Solution

Register for free at: https://www.nabshow.com/
Book a meeting / technical demo now: https://www.tbsiptv.com/contact

Any further question, please e-mail to us directly on sales@tbsiptv.com. Thank you.

Best Regards,
TBS Team
E-mail: sales@tbsiptv.com
Tel+ : +86-755-26501345
TBS Technology
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