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How to use TBS2603SE professional HD H.264/H.265 HDMI video encoder?

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Good day. Here we release new arrival TBS2603SE professional HD H.264/H.265 HDMI video encoder, which can encode video streams from any HDMI video source to various media streaming servers (Wowza, Read 5, Xtream Codes, Flussonic, FMS etc) or online live broadcast platforms (Youtube, Facebook, Twitch, Vimeo, etc. ) over IP in real time.
1. How TBS2603SE works?

2. Why you choose TBS2603SE?

    • HD H.265/H.264 HDMI ENCODER: Encode video streams from any HDMI video source to various media streaming servers, it generates an H.264/H.265-encoded stream output and the AAC, MP3 audio format
    • DOUBLE CODE STREAM: Main steam and secondary stream(max 1920×1080@60fps). For example, main stream 1920×1080@30fps, second stream 1280×720@30fps for different requirements.
    • MULTIPROTOCOL OUTPUT: Compliant with HTTP, HLS, RTMP(RTMPS), RTSP, UDP protocols, each channel has multiple protocols for outputting
    • WEBPAGE CONTROL: Flexible and friendly webpage control, easy to check and control the status of the device.
    • ULTRA SMALL TINY: 9.9*6.1*1.5CM
    • WIDELY PERFORMANCE: ideal for adding HDMI sources to IPTV systems in hotels, office etc. and to live broadcast platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitch etc.

3. How to use TBS2603SE HDMI-to-IP encoder?

For more details, welcome to watch the following Youtube video https://youtu.be/6zOjosQkl7A

Any question, feel free to e-mail us directly on sales@tbsdtv.com or leave your comment here.

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