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Meet us at CABSAT2019 in Dubai World Trade Center Hall 3 311 from Mar. 12-14

Dear Customers and Friends,

Good day. Welcome to CABSAT 2019, which is Middle East & Africa’s only event for content, broadcast, satellite, media & entertainment industry professionals looking to create inspiration, action & reaction.

Make your calendars! Next month we’re heading to Dubai for CABSAT exhibition. And we’ll showcase IPTV headend new arrivals, hospitality IPTV system solutions & ISP, cost-efficient DVB Solutions for telecommunication and more.

If you’re interest in the following IPTV headend products, come to meet our TBS team at Hall3 311 in Dubai World Trade Center on Mar 12 -14 and let them show you what you’re concerned.

  • IPTV transcoder
  • H.264/H.265 HDMI / HD-SDI encoder
  • IPTV X86 streaming server | digital TV tuner cards of all DVB standards
  • DVB-T/C Modulator server
  • HDMI Encoder to DVB-T/C/ASI IPTV Modulator
  • IP-to-ASI / ASI-to-IP device
  • HDMI Video Capture Cards, hardware compression or raw data
  • Kylone CMS: unicast / multicast IPTV solution

Register for free at: https://www.cabsat.com/
Book a meeting now: https://www.tbsiptv.com/contact

Any further question, please e-mail to us directly on sales@tbsiptv.com. Thank you.

Best Regards,
TBS Team
E-mail: sales@tbsiptv.com
Tel+ : +86-755-26501345
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TBS@TV Connect Show Time,Olympia, London, 9th & 10th May 2018

Dear All,

Good day. Here we will share significant moments on TV Connect fair (WHERE VIDEO DISTRIBUTION MEETS IP), which is held at Olympia, London, 9th and 10th May 2018.

TV Connect 2018 brought the industry together, to get straight to the heart of the issues and navigate the changing face of video distribution, content delivery and media technology. https://tmt.knect365.com/tv-connect/
It’s our first time to take part in this video distribution event in UK, we TBS Team showcased  latest headend streaming servers, IPTV Transcoder, 4K HD H.265 HDMI-to-IP encoder, DVB-T Modulator as well as Digital TV Tuner PCI-e Cards of all DVB standards for building reliable IPTV/OTT / CATV systems. http://www.tbsiptv.com
Many thanks for all friends and customers’ visit on our TBS stand D50 at TV Connect 2018 in Olympia, London these 2 days! Congrats to a satisfactory close! See You next year. 
Any feedback or comments here will receive prompt reply. That’s all, thank you!

Best Regards,
TBS Team
E-mail sales@tbsdtv.com
Website: http://www.tbsiptv.com
TBS Technology
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Meet us at BBTVC Asia 2018- Stand#8, AVANI Riverside Hotel, Bangkok ,Thailand, 24-25 April 2018

Dear All,

Good day.  Here comes good news for you!

Broadband TV Connect Asia 2018 will be held in Bangkok, Thailand on April 24-25, 2018, and it’s a conference and exhibition dedicated to broadband technologies, Broadband and TV topics, applications and solutions.

We will showcase our TBS 2018 IPTV new arrivals  and hospitality IPTV system solutions for hotels, ISP etc.

  • Digital TV Tuner
  • IPTV System Solution
  • Video IP Encoder / Transcoder
  • Video Capture Card

Join us at our Stand #8, AVANI Riverside Hotel, Bangkok ,Thailand, 24-25 April 2018!Links for your reference:
TBS : https://www.tbsiptv.com/
BBTVC Asia 2018: https://tmt.knect365.com/broadband-forum-asia/

Kindly get back to us at your earliest if you are interested in! E-mail us sales@tbsdtv.com. We will reply in the shortest possible time.

Best Regards,
TBS Team
E-mail: sales@tbsdtv.com
Tel+ : +86-755-26501345
TBS Technology
DVB Broadcast | IPTV Head-end | Video Encoder| IPTV Transcoder| OEM & ODM Solution