How to Watch and Record TBS6981 on DVBDream

This guide will show how to use TBS 6981 DVB S2 PCI express dual tuner TV card on DVBDream.

Step1: TV Tuner Card Hardware and Software Installation.

As an internal TV tuner card, you have to power off the computer, remove computer cover and take out cover panel of PCIe slot in which you want to put the TBS6981 satellite TV card. Insert the card in PCIe slot and fix card bracket with screw. Make sure the card fit in PCIe slot tightly. Put back computer cover. Please remember to set your satellite dish aimed at the right satellite. Connect dish LNB to PCI card “LNB IN” with cable.

The next is to install software for TBS 6981 PCIe DVB-S2 Dual TV Tuner Card. The TBS manufacturer has attached the window and Linux drivers on CD package. Take Window system as example. Insert the CD into your CD-ROM. Click “Install Driver” while auto-run appears. Choose the proper TV drivers according to your running system.

A setup window will pop up. Click “Next “ to continue. Then click “Install”. The driver has been installed on the computer.

Note: To verify if driver was correctly installed, you could check it on computer device manager. You will see “TBS 6981 DVB-S2/S BDA Tuners” on the bar of “Sound, video and game controllers” under “Device Manager” if the driver is correctly installed.

Step2:  Install and Run DVBDream

TBS attached the DVBDream on CD. Just Click “Install DVBDream” to start installation, and then click “Next” until the installation is completed.

While TBS6981 is installed in your PC, run DVBDream. Click “Device” under “Options” menu, and you will see TBS model name on the dialog.

Since TBS6981 has two tuners, You may click ok or use the UP and Down (1~2) arrow to select a different Tuner and click start. Now we choose one of the tuners to display.

To set up satellite and DiSeqc switch, you could click on “Diseqc” under “Options” menu.

If you don’t use any Diseqc, just choose “None”. But if you do, choose correct Diseqc type port and click “Add Satellite”.

Choose correct satellite where you can receive and set up LOF and other parameters. You can find all the satellite information on

After you have completed Diseqc and LNB settings, you then could click “Scan” or “Manual Scan” under “Channels” menu to search for channels.

After scanning, the available channels in this Transponder or Satellite will be spotted, so you then could click “Save Channels”  All the satellite TV channels will be on the list of the right.

Click whichever you want in the channel list to watch the TV shows.

Note: In channel list, Blue button means “Channel available” while Red means” Channel Not Available”



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