TBS MOI Pro AMD Part 2 (setup & parts)


MOI Pro – AMD is a new professional IPTV streaming server powered by AMD Embedded G-Series SoC, it can receive live TV signal using built-in TV tuners and stream the channels further through Ethernet to various client devices, such as PC, tablet PC, smartphone, and smartTV.

With AMD Embedded G-Series SoC inside, MOI Pro – AMD provides more possibilities to IPTV system integrators and TV service operators, it allows you to use not only Linux and Ubuntu, but also Windows. Open source software such as Kodi(XBMC), OpenPCTV and VDR are pre-installed to create a read-to-run platform.

Key Features

  • Live SD/HD TV streaming
  • Based on AMD Embedded G-Series SoC
  • High-performance graphics processing
  • Low power consumption
  • Linux Open Source software support: Kodi( XBMC), OpenPCTV, VDR
  • Supports up to 16 TV tuners (4 TV tuner PCIe cards) of different DVB standard
  • Supports DASH (Desktop and Mobile Architecture for System Hardware) remote management


NEW Release v1.0.53 23/08/2015

  •  We DON’T sell streams
  •  Unlimited Streams & Users
  •  Live Streams(+EPG) & VOD (Video On Demand) with load of options
     Easy & powerful Transcoding System
  •  Supporting All common streaming protocols (HTTP,RTMP,RTSP,RTP,UDP,MMS)
    Stream Output in HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) & MPEG-TS
  •  Add your OWN logo to the streams
    RTMP Receiver
     Anti-Theft Protection for your Streams with a high security system
     Fully Integrated with Stalker Portal Allowing External Device Connections
     Concurrent Connection limitation, ISP Locking, Country Locking for your users
     Create your Own Live Channels by combining multiple videos
  • Load Balancer Mode by adding external servers
  • Easy & feature rich Reseller Module
  •  Incredible Fast Zapping time < 0.2 Seconds
  •  Multi Language Support
  •  CentOS 7.x Support
  •  Powerful Logging, Statistics & Connection Logs
  •  MAG Devices Support, Enigma2 Plugin, Android & iOS and others
  • API
    Hardware & Bandwidth Monitor
    Auto Restart on failure
  • Powered By FFmpeg & NGinx

MOI Streaming Box Guide-Use XBMC to watch TV on Tablet PC Android

First, go XMBC official website to download XBMC for Android (Open browser -> enter http://xbmc.org/download/ ->get XBMC for Android), then install it.

Or install the XBMC from below URL directly:

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