MOI Streaming Box Guide-Use XBMC to watch TV on Tablet PC Android

First, go XMBC official website to download XBMC for Android (Open browser -> enter ->get XBMC for Android), then install it.

Or install the XBMC from below URL directly:

2.1. Connect XBMC with Tvheadend and add Videos

Tap to launch XBMC, and then select “VIDEOS -> Files” to proceed.

XBMC will display three options “Files”, “Playlists”, “Video Add-ons”, here we choose “Files”.

Tap “Add Videos” to add videos streamed from MOI TV Streaming Box

Tap “None” to go to the next step

Enter your own MOI Streaming TV Box IP address, just remember this format: htsp:// (Note: it’s “htsp”, not “http”). Then click “Down” button to finish this step.

Then you will see the picture below, it shows your XBMC has connected with TVheadend. This also means XBMC can play satellite TV channels which streamed by MOI TV Streaming box now.

2.2. Watch Live TV on XBMC on your Android Tablet PC

Go on to tap “Live channels”, you will see a TV channel list streamed by MOI.

Then choose your favorite TV channels to watch:

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