MOI Streaming Box Guide -Use XBMC to watch TV on iPad

This article is a step-by-step guide of how to use XBMC to watch satellite TV on iPad with TBS MOI TV Box,it has two parts,”How to install XBMC on iPad” and “How to watch XBMC video on iPad”.

Part1: How to install XBMC on iPad (iPad2 for example)
XBMC for iOS is free to download in Cydia on XBMC repo, you need to have a jailbroken iDevice running iOS 4.x or higher. Follow the steps below to install XBMC on your iPad.
1. Tap “Cydia” application on your homescreen

2.     Add Source

Tap “Sources” -> “Edit” -> “Add”. Type in

3.     Tap on the teamXBMC source

4.    Tap on the XBMC-iOS icon

5.     Tap install, then confirm

6.     Install XBMC-iOS

After the installation, a new XBMC icon will appear on the screen

Part2:  How to Watch Live TV on XBMC on your iPad

1.     Run XBMC and Add Videos from MOI TV Box

Tap on  on the screen to launch XBMC software and select “VIDEOS” to proceed.

Then tap “Add Videos”

We’ll see picture below:

2.     Enter IP Address of TBS MOI TV Box

Tap <None>” to add video source from MOI TV Box, then enter the MOI Streaming TV Box IP address as picture blow: htsp://

Please Note: it’s “htsp”, not “http”, and “” is the IP address of your MOI TV Box,”9982” is network port.

3.     Connect XBMC with MOI Box via Tvheadend

When we finish enter MOI IP address, the XBMC has connected with MOI Box via Tvheadend, we’ll see four options as picture below, it has added “HTS Tvheadend client” option. (This also means XBMC can play satellite TV channels streamed by MOI box now. )

4.     Watch Live TV on XBMC on iPad

Tap “Live channels” to continue.

We’ll see Live TV channels streamed by TBS MOI Streaming  TV Box

Then click one of the TV channels to view:

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