TBS MOI TV Streaming Box is coming

Greated news! TBS new product  MOI DVB-S2 TV Streaming Box is coming now,let’s dash to see it.

What’s the MOI Streaming Box?

MOI Satellite TV Streaming Box is a brand-new  developed by TBS  recently, with the MOI Box, streaming satellite TV to your portable devices  is not a dream!

What can the MOI do ?

Watch Satellite TV on every PC, Tablet, Smartphone, and Sony Playstation 3
MOI enables you to watch Satellite TV wirelessly on terminal devices: PC, iPad, iPhone, Mac book, Notebook, Sony Playstation 3, Smartphone etc. Anywhere in your house, no need to connect a satellite dish and TV tuner dongle to each device! Simply place the MOI near your existing satellite connection and connect it to your router to stream watch live TV.

Stream Live TV anywhere in your house
Once connected to your home router via your Ethernet or home Wi-Fi network, you can access the MOI Sat TV Streaming Box from terminal devices, anywhere in your home: living room, bedroom, even in your kitchen and backyard. Just start watching/ streaming/recording your favorite satellite TV programs whatever you like anywhere! Get it and enjoy it with your family. You can make all terminal devices in your home network to receive satellite TV in full HD anywhere.

Enjoy and share a large quantity of Movies, News, Live sports…
With digital satellite television program sources available, you can have/receive movies, TV shows, news, live sports and all kinds of TV programs from BBC, ITV, CNN, CNBC, BBC iPlayer, etc. through MOI Sat TV Streaming Box.Just one MOI, you can share your favorite satellite TV programs whatever you like with the entire family.

Stream Encrypted Satellite TV easily
The MOI supports all streaming from satellite TV, and with the dual CI interface, encrypted channels are easily accessible. You just need to connect a CAM (Conditional Access Module) with a compatible Pay -TV Smartcard. It enables you to watch encrypted and free-to-air TV. More channels, more fun. Just enjoy the interesting, funny TV shows, exciting football match!

Super Quality HD Television
Perfect visual entertainment.
Ensure that you get the highest quality satellite TV.
Deliver excellent picture and sound quality, HDTV via satellite.
Steam the remarkable picture and sound quality of DVB-S2 to your computer’s high-resolution display for a complete HDTV experience.

Dual Tuner design provides more channels
You are missing the time when you use a TBS dual tuner card for multi-tasks watching and recording? The MOI plays the same magic! Based on the dual tuner design, it can receive at the same time from two different transponders, which means there are a bunch of channels from two different transponders to choose from.

Powerful Linux System
• Development under Linux platform.
• Compatible with all Linux software, dvblast, tvheadend as well as other software running on both server and client. No compatibility problem anymore!
• Support open source code; easy for updating and maintaining; Professional technical support from TV headend.

Windows PC, Mac or Linux PC

• Microsoft ® Windows 7 ®Windows 8 ® or Windows .Vista or Windows XP or (32 bit) with latest Service Pack, 1 GB RAM.
• Mac OS X and Safari Web browser or Linux PC with Ubuntu 11.04 or higher.
• Internet connection for TV streaming, Software updates and activations.

iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch or Android phone or tablet or higher.
• iPod touch (4th generation or later), iPhone (iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5 or later) and iPad; requires iOS 4.3.5 or newer.
• Receive live TV on your mobile devices once connected to your home router via your Ethernet or home Wi-Fi network .

How to get the MOI BOX and where to buy it?

Basic information before the purchase :
1. When will the MOI streaming box be available to order?
Only Pre-order will be accepted.
Pre-order will be available in the Middle of January, 2013, on buydvb

2. Do you have a release date?
The Pre-order customers can get order shipped at the beginning of March, 2013.3. Where can I buy a MOI streaming box?
From buydvb

4. What’s the price of the MOI streaming box?

5. Is it possible to place pre-order now?
It will be available in the Middle of January.

6. How do the warranty terms of the MOI streaming box look like?
2 Yeas Warranty.

7. How to get support for the MOI streaming box?
Please send email to moisupport[at]tbsdtv[dot]com

8. Is it open source?
Yes. ;)

9. What OS can I use with the MOI streaming box?
It’s Linux embedded in the MOI. For client, you may connect from Windows, Linux, iOS, Mac OS, Android.

10. As I can see it is a DVB-S2 streaming box, will there also be streaming boxes for DVB-T/T2, DVB-C?
Sure, there will be another model with DVB-T2/C tuners.

And we also welcome  you to  participate in our community discussions as we’ll release the latest news about MOI on it:


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