How to Use TBS6981 to Watch TV on Windows7 Media Center

TBS6981 PCI-E DVB-S2 Dual Tuner TV Card is a classic satellite TV tuner card from TBS. TBS6981 has two tuners, which enables you watch channels from one satellite transponder while recording another channels from another one. It is also a good choice for IPTV providers. Here is a tutorial on how to run TBS 6981 on Window7 Media Center.

Step 1: Install the TV Tuner Card’s Hardware

As an internal TV tuner card, you should shut down your computer and disconnect all cords and wires from the back of the computer tower. Then, take off the left-side panel of the PC by unscrewing it with a screwdriver. You will see an empty PCI express slot (peripherals component interface). Insert TBS6981 into the PCI express slot, and secure it to the computer tower frame by using the supplied screw. Now your TV tuner card is installed. Next, you should install all the drivers on your computer to set up the TV tuner card.

Step 2: Install a TV Tuner Card’s Driver

Usually, TBS manufactures will attach the window BDA drivers on the CD (Linux driver can be downloaded from TBS’ website). When you switch on the computer, insert the CD with the TV tuner card driver into the computer’s hard drive. Click “Install Driver” while the main window appears. Choose “Install Driver for Windows7” to install, and then just click “next” to finish installation. To check if the driver is installed correctly, right click on the “My Computer” icon on the desktop and click “Manage”. Under the “Device Manger”, a list of TBS6981 will appear on the right column under “Sound, Video and Game Controllers”.

Step 3: How to Scan Satellite Transponder on Window Media Center

3.1 Windows Media Center -> Tasks -> settings -> TV -> TV Signal -> Set Up TV Signal

After installing the hardware and drivers, you can start Windows 7 Media center. Click “settings” under “Tasks” column, and then a new window will prop out. Click “TV” and you will see the following window. Select “Set up TV Signal” to proceed.

3.2. TV Setup->Region & Post Code Selection->Program Guide Terms of Service->Update TV Setup Data->Downloading TV Setup Data->Examining TV signals->TV signals Detection Result->TV tuner Selection

After setting up Window Media Center, it will appear a section of region & post code. Edit the relevant information according to you satellite location. Next Window Media Center will update and download the latest TV setup data automatically. It might take several minutes for WMC to examining TV signals. All the satellite signals will be detected by WMC, including the TBS6981 PCIE DVB S2 TV tuner card. you can use twi tuners with Window Media Center, enabling you to record two TV shows at the same time. Or just choose one of the tuners to watch one channel online.

3. TV Setup-> Select Satellite->Select LNB Type ->Confirm LNB Parameters ->Satellite Summary ->TV Source Setup Finished->->Satellite Transponder Scan->-Enter Transponder Information >Scanning the Channels

To select the right satellite LNB type and demodulate the satellite transponders is very important in this step. As a reference, you can visit LyngSat, where can find all the satellites and transponders information in the world. Select your type and confirm LNB parameter according to the device you are using now. After the TV source & TV signal setting, you can start to scan the channels by entering the detail satellite transponder.

4. Windows Media Center -> TV -> live TV

After finishing the scan, a list of new satellite TV channels will appear. Go back to the main menu of Media Center, and then click “Live TV” under the “TV” column. Relevant TV programs will begin to broadcast. Enjoy your favorite TV shows or sport games on PC.

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